Buy Beats Online

To buy hip hop beats online can be very confusing artists. The main reason is because every single producer has his individual terms and conditions, so read them closely. Many dope producers out there have beats for sale. I will give a quick overview on what is important buy beats online without wasting your money.

Step 1

Study the terms and conditions of beat purchase closely. Many producers offer licenses to sell their beats which makes the instrumentals very affordable, but they still own the rights to the beat after sale.

Step 2

Understand the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive rights (read full article).

Step 3

Purchase the instrumental with the license of your choice mostly via PayPal or Credit Card. In 2018 almost every online producer should have an instant download option after the payment was taken.

Leasing Rights: When you are purchasing leasing rights of an instrumental, you do not own it but you are allowed to use it under individual usage rights. Every beat maker or music producer has individual license specifications.

Exclusive Rights: By purchasing the exclusive rights of an instrumental, you will get ownership of the beat and for sure an unlimited use of it as well. If you are buying the beat from a serious music producer, he will hand out you the trackout WAV files in high quality and a contract.


  • Buy beats non-exclusive beats to try them out
  • Look also for free demo downloads. They are for listening only, but they can help you make a choice
  • Build a relationship with your producer / beat maker and connect via social media
  • Most Beat Makers offer free beats for signing up to their mailing list