Christmas Hip Hop Beat 2019 | Good Santa vs. Bad Santa

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Christmas Hip Hop Beat | XMAS Hip Hop Instrumentals 2019

It is time to prepare for the best time of the year. Having a good time goes hand in hand with listening to good music. If you are tired of the old Christmas Instrumentals, I can help you out. I produced a happy Christmas Hip Hop Beat with a Old School Hip Hop vibe called “Good Santa”. I also produced a second Christmas Hip Hop Instrumental. But it is the complete opposite of the first one. It is a pretty dark Christmas Trap type beat called “Bad Santa”. You can check out both below. Would love to hear which one you enjoyed the most.

Listen to “Good Santa” prod. by Kimbo Beatz

For those who are looking for a Christmas Beat with 2019 Trap Elements “Bad Santa” might be the right choice.

Listen to “Bad Santa” prod. by Kimbo Beatz

For all rappers and singers out there looking for new Christmas Instrumentals, but you are tired of the same old Christmas Melodies? These 2 Christmas Hip Hop Beats might be exactly what you are looking for. You can purchase your licence here: GOOD SANTA & BAD SANTA 

Listen to my full production catalog here!



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