Yesterday I saw Macka B‘s Cu-cumba rap for the first time and I already knew what to do. His flow is more on point without a beat compared to some of the nowadays rappers with a dope instrumental. Plus he has a really good message! I bet you will think about him the nex time you eat a cucumba! 😉


Download “Macka B – Cucumba Remix (by KimboBeatz)” here:



Here are the great lyrics:

Welcome to Macka B’s Medicial Monday
Today its all about this the cucumber
Or as they call it in Jamaica
Cucumba Cucumber
Vitamins, Minerals very high number,
Silica, Hair and Nails get longer,
Other Vitamins make your bones dem stronger,
Anti wrinkle make you look younger
95% Water,Kidney Cleanser,great hydrater,
Detox,Fiber, good regulator,
Give your body good things don’t be a traitor
Get the Cucumber cut it inna slice
Put it inna jug of water overnight,
You know what you get for a fraction of the price, Energy drink full of electrolytes
Raw inna salad is one of the use
Or as a base for your Vegetable juice
Another surprise, put a slice on your eyes
Take away the dryness revitalize
Oh Yes one thing I have left
Cucumber can also help with bad breath
Wash away the Bacteria that cause the odour
Cucumber water instead of Soda

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I hope you guys enjoyed Macka B‘s Cucumba Rap as much as I did. It literally made my day, when I saw this video for the first time. I hope some of you guys will feel the same. Spread positiv messages like Macka B does! If you like to see more videos like the “Cucumba Remix”, just leave me a comment below!