Custom Beat Production

Individual music tailor made for your needs

Are you looking for something unique?

Depending on your project we will tailor a beat production around your needs completely from scratch. If you want a sample incorporated, it is no problem at all! Clearing the sample is required by the artist prior to distribution.

Please fill out the form as specific as possible about how you want the instrumental to sound like. Feel free to add reference songs or instrumentals in the project details section, so we can determine whether or not we’re the right producers for your project and what the costs for our work are going to be. Looking forward to working with you!


It’s time to take a step forward

Music Producer Consultation

Want to start learning how to make beats or sell them online? Or take your beat production game to the next level? Have questions about mixing? Book a one on one video consultation with us and let us help guide the way! Get 60 uninterrupted minutes for $55 today!


Mixing & Mastering

Take your sound on a professional level

What is Mixing?

In the process of mixing, the engineer takes all the raw audio material and recordings and shaping them into a finished sounding song by applying effects, level anf frequency changes to each individual instrument separately.

What is Mastering?

During this process the engineer will focus on sweetening the record and processing the song to make it the best version it can be.  A mastering engineer can only apply effects to a single audio file.

If you are a music producer and want to send out beats to some artists, make sure to have a tight mix. If you’re interested in having me mix your instrumentals, please choose one of the options belo. If you have any questions in advance, please contact me.

Numbers of beats

Listen to an example: